CCO Frameworks

CCO Frameworks is an Australian software company

We have more than 20 years direct experience in Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management, and related GRC and Probity software.

We have delivered effective technology enabled enterprise business solutions across many industries, throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our software products provide all the benefits of software as a service, backed by high security, scalability, reliability & availability.

We provide rapid implementation, high return on investment, and low total cost of ownership.

As businesses today navigate an ever-evolving landscape of regulations, risks, and compliance requirements, we understand the critical need for cutting-edge technology that streamlines GRC processes. With our deep expertise and dedication to excellence, we proudly present our suite of GRC products, designed specifically to empower businesses across Australia and beyond in achieving regulatory compliance, mitigating risks, and optimising their operational performance.


Pali GRC simplifies governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities and saves you precious time and money.

Anywhere you collect data or paperwork, or need a multi-step process to manage your GRC requirements and audit tracking process, can be handled by Pali.


GovMan is a Governance-focused GRC software solution.

An integrated approach to Governance across the enterprise enables standardisation and transparency and better focus on strategic objectives and and mandates.


ProbityPro is a purpose-built application to manage the complete probity and procurement cycle.

Containing all the built-in records-based features that traditional systems do not provide, with the flexibility needed to accommodate an organisation's nomenclature, procurement processes and governance, workflows and more.